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We guide you through the complex regulatory situation of biostimulants.

Substances or microorganisms that do not provide nutrients to plants (directly) but are applied to plants with the aim to enhance crop quality traits, nutrition efficiency or abiotic stress tolerance are summarised under the term “biostimulants”. They can be further distinguished by modes of action and types of effects on crop and horticultural plants.

For future regulations on the EU level, distinction between biostimulants, fertilisers,and (bio)pesticides agents, is essential. The claimed agricultural effect is instrumental in their regulatory categorization because substances and microorganisms can have a dual function of biocontrol agent and of biostimulant. The current challenge of biostimulant registration is caused by the absence of any specific and harmonized framework in the EU.
For the future it is expected that biostimulants will be integrated in the European regulation on fertilisers after adaption of the fertiliser definition.
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Our Biostimulant expert Dr. R.W. Kolnaar (Rogier)

Our Biostimulant expert

Dr. R.W. Kolnaar (Rogier)

Our Biostimulant expert Dr. V. Braun (Verena)

Our Biostimulant expert

Dr. V. Braun (Verena)

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