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We guide you through the regulatory situation of biostimulants.

Substances or microorganisms that do not provide nutrients to plants (directly) but are applied to plants with the aim to enhance crop quality traits, nutrition efficiency or abiotic stress tolerance are summarised under the term “biostimulants”. They can be further distinguished by modes of action and types of effects on crop and horticultural plants.

Biostimulants can be brought to the market via different routes.
EU certification procedure:
For placing biostimulants on the market under the EU Fertilising Products Regulation (FPR), the conformity to the requirements of the FPR must be demonstrated. A technical file containing all relevant documentation (including information on constituents, contaminants, efficacy and more) must be evaluated by a notified body to obtain a EU type examination certificate. Products will be marked with the CE mark and are marketable in all EU countries.
National rules:
The national rules (where they exist) are quite variable from one country to another but often a smaller data package is required, compared to the EU certification route. Following this option, every country must be approached individually. It is not foreseeable how long national rules will be applicable.

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Our Biostimulant expert Ir. P.W.M. de Boer (Paul)

Our Biostimulant expert

Ir. P.W.M. de Boer (Paul)

Our Biostimulant expert Ir. Zwartjes (Ilse)

Our Biostimulant expert

Ir. Zwartjes (Ilse)


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