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Benefit from our experience in biopesticide registration in Europe.

Achieving high crop yields with sustainable agriculture for a healthier environment is the goal of modern agriculture. Pesticides, that derive from natural sources, so-called biopesticides, are a vital component of this green revolution.
Registration in the framework of Regulation (EC) No 1107/2009 is obligatory for bringing a new biopesticides and low risk products on the market. Our experience ranges from micro-organisms (single strain or a microbial consortium) and viruses to pheromones and botanicals. We are taking into account the newest laws and regulations, for example the latest data requirements and criteria for plant protection products containing micro-organisms (Regulation (EU) 2022/1439 amending Regulation (EU) 283/2013 and Regulation (EU) 2022/1440 amending Regulation (EU) 284/2013).
Linge Agroconsultancy is an evaluator for the competent authority in the Netherlands. Through regular meetings with the European authorities and by attending relevant workshops (such as given by EPPO and CTGB), we keep informed of the European biopesticide legislation.

We have experience with the preparation of various biopesticide and low risk dossiers, for active substances as well as products. These dossiers will often require a different approach, with more focus on the mode of action of the active substance and non-standard extrapolations. The information shall be sufficient to evaluate the foreseeable risks, whether immediate or delayed, which the active substance and/or the product may entail for humans, including vulnerable groups, animals and the environment. For more well-known species and higher taxon the body of knowledge will be used and referred to where possible. Trial results with biopesticides and low risk products often ask for a different interpretation and should be presented so that the real benefit of the product is clear.
We offer the same service portfolio for biopesticides as for chemical plant protection products. Please visit our plant protection product page for more information.
Our Biopesticide expert dr. R.W. Kolnaar (Rogier)

Our Biopesticide expert

dr. R.W. Kolnaar (Rogier)

Our Biopesticide expert  ir K. Apenhorst (Karen)

Our Biopesticide expert

ir. K. Apenhorst (Karen)

Our Biopesticide expert ir. L. Feher (Lisette)

Our Biopesticide expert

ir. L. Feher (Lisette)


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