Thé road to registration


Thé road to registration


Registration in the framework of EU-Regulation 1107-2009 is obligatory for bringing a new crop protection product on the market. Registration of biocides follows the framework laid out in EU-Regulation 528/2012. Extensive research is the basis for authorisation of a product. Sometimes in practice, research is less feasible and the results are not always as expected. As a consequence, the registration process is delayed, resulting in increasing costs.


Professional guidance and advice by a specialised consulting company can be of service to you prior to and during the registration process.


Linge Agroconsultancy is, as evaluating authority, the ideal partner during the registration process and in solving complex issues. A good advice saves you time and money.

Overview services of Linge Agroconsultancy


Linge Agroconsultancy has the expertise to guide you through the entire registration process of both chemical and biological crop protection products and biocides. We provide a complete service from evaluation and strategic planning up to the final documents and making the necessary contacts with authorities to secure European registration of your active substances and products. Linge Agroconsultancy carries out assignments for both trade and industry and the government.

We perform our work in close consultation with the European authorities. Linge Agroconsultancy is officially recognised as an evaluating authority for the Ctgb for several aspects. We act as a registration counsellor in many projects together with chemical and biocontrol companies, WUR (PRI, PPO) and the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs.

Our consultancy services for European and national registrations:

  • Registration services and project management

  • Identity and physico-chemical parameters

  • Food safety, dietary risk assessment and residues

  • Registration of biopesticides

  • Management and monitoring of relevant studies


Linge Agroconsultancy is a small but specialised company. We take care of the entire registration process and are able to serve the needs of our sponsors in an optimal way. The result of all this is a smoother registration process and a faster entry of your product onto the market.

Contact: Oosterhoutsestraat 95, 6678 PG Oosterhout (NL). Phone: +31 (0)481-745045
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