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Guidance Registration Process

Linge agroconsultancy can act as a guidance counselor for the registration process.

We have thorough experience with national and European registration procedures of crop protection products and active substances.

Our extensive network of direct contacts with governing authorities, contract laboratories, universities and institutes enables us to assist our clients with the registration procedures with maximum efficiency. Our experience extends from chemical products to (micro)biological products.

Some examples of our services concerning the registration process:

  • Composing the registration dossier
  • Guidance with the different registration procedures
  • Coordinating and applying for studies at contract laboratories
  • Composing waivers and expert statements for missing studies
  • Maintaining contact with regulatory authorities
  • Tracking product registrations, ensuring that renewals and extensions are submitted in a timely manner
  • Submitting entire registration dossiers
  • Performing literature research

Contact: Oosterhoutsestraat 95, 6678 PG Oosterhout (NL). Phone: +31 (0)481-745045
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