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Registration Dossier

Linge Agroconsultancy can assist with the composition of the entire Registration Dossier (Registration Report, RR). The Registration Report consists of the following modules:

  • Part A

  • Part B
    • B1 - Identity
    • B2 - Physical and Chemical properties
    • B3 - Efficacy
    • B4 - Additional Product Information
    • B5 - Analytical methods
    • B6 - Human exposure and toxicology
    • B7 - Metabolism and Residues
    • B8 - Environmental Fate
    • B9 - Eco-toxicology
    • B10 - Metabolite Relevance Assessment in Ground Water

  • Part C

For Dutch registrations, a national addendum of Parts B8 & B9 is required. Linge Agroconsultancy is specialized in these national procedures.

Contact: Oosterhoutsestraat 95, 6678 PG Oosterhout (NL). Phone: +31 (0)481-745045
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Registration dossier
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